"The Rocco" Lightweight, Sweatshirt Poncho

Special Ones Gear

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"The Rocco " is a lightweight, sweatshirt poncho, perfect for the spring/fall seasons! It is cut in the style of "Mary Grace" which is our standard wheelchair poncho. It is made with soft, sweatshirt material, available in 3 colors and has a hood with cord locks attached. Perfect for transitioning from winter into spring at the bus stop and makes car seats and wheelchair straps a breeze, as it can be on your Special One and not interfere with transfers.

Features that make this ideal for wheelchair users:

  • Designed with a short back; eliminates sitting on excess fabric
  • One piece design is easy for caregivers as well gives the opportunity for independent dressing
  • Attached hood with cord locks



One Size- 45"X 45"